Why should I work with Hanson Building?
Hanson Building consistently deliver high quality results when working on our projects. They are meticulous and communicate regularly to clarify details. Even on difficult projects they are a pleasure to work with. — Domestic architect, Hawthorn
  1. We will tender your project on time and to your specifications

    Annoyed with builders who respond late to tenders? Irritated when they can’t fill in the paperwork provided? That is not the Hanson Building way. We will work with you – and the client – to provide a clear, timely tender response.

  2. We don’t say no to the smaller jobs

    Hanson Building specialises in work between $100,000 and $700,000. That is our expertise, it is what we love to do.

  3. We have experience managing projects, but also working with architects who manage project

    Hanson Building has worked with architects at the design stage and then managed the project from there, Hanson Building has also worked for architect project managers. We can accommodate both management processes.

  4. We will not hold up a project

    Delays happen, plans may need to be changed, but Hanson Building will always do our best to deliver the project on time, and on budget.

  5. Great communicators

    We are not your old school building firm that never answers the phone, have no idea how a project is tracking, and hits unnecessary snags. We respond, we reply to emails, we track projects and we know where we stand every day of the project.